How To Upgrade OneFS on EMC Isilon Storage Array

EMC Isilon is a scale out storage NAS that can scale up to petabytes of data. To upgrade the firmware on an Isilon you will have to upgrade each node individually, but this will be an automatic process. Please keep in mind that things can go awry and do this within a maintenance window if this is a production environment. Always read the release notes for the firmware you are upgrading to, and if possible, do this in a lab environment first (if you have one).

1. Download Latest Firmware From EMC Isilon

  • We are upgrading OneFS to from the node itself, so we will be downloading the OneFS installation file





2. Copy Install File Onto Isilon

  • WinSCP or any SCP method onto the Isilon cluster. Place the file somewhere in /ifs



3. Update OneFS on Isilon

  • Log into the Isilon WebGUI and on the top right hand corner, select Help > About This Cluster



  • Select the Install file that was uploaded in step 2 and select OK and Submit


  • The upgrade will go through pre-installation checks to verify if there are any issues when upgrading. If there are no errors, you will be presented with an upgrade screen as shown below
  • Since we are doing a major release from 7.0 to 7.1, the image we have will not be available for rolling upgrades. Rolling Upgrades mean that each node will be upgraded and rebooted sequentially and put back into the cluster theoretically not causing an outage. Since we have to do a simultaneous upgrade, there will be an outage since all nodes will be upgraded at the same time and rebooted. Click continue with your upgrade choice to upgrade the OneFS software.


  •  You will be presented to reboot if you select the simultaneous upgrade. Reboot to complete the process


4. Log In and Check

  • Log in and check the right hand corner of the WebGUI. It will say what version OneFS is running. If all is successful, you should see the version you downloaded in step 1.



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